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A plugin for deoplete to get flow autocompletion functionality.


Currently only tested with NeoVim and Python3 client. Check out the deoplete documentation to get the basic setup.

Install this plugin with your favourite plugin manager.

Also make sure to install your flow-bin in your project directory:

npm install flow-bin


# Binary path to your flow, defaults to your $PATH flow 
let g:deoplete#sources#flow#flow_bin = 'flow' 

Local vs. global flow-bin:

Most of the time you will probably want your flow-bin installed in your node_modules directory of your current project. This example configuration will preferably take the local version before the global one:

function! StrTrim(txt)
  return substitute(a:txt, '^\n*\s*\(.\{-}\)\n*\s*$', '\1', '')

let g:flow_path = StrTrim(system('PATH=$(npm bin):$PATH && which flow'))

if g:flow_path != 'flow not found'
  let g:deoplete#sources#flow#flow_bin = g:flow_path