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SteemNova - 2Moons engine-based browsergame for Steemians by steemnova

The game

The open source browsergame framework is based on 2Moons.

Full source code is placed at repository. It is fork of jkroepke/2Moons for Steem community purposes. SteemNova repository is the center of the game. The opportunity was given to change the game code by Steemians, most probably Utopians as a contribution. There are many things to modify starting from graphics, languages, code improvements up to Steem integration and bughunting.

Repository structure

  • [cache] - temporary cached server .tpl webpages
  • [chat] - AJAX ingame client-side chat
  • [includes]
    • game engine
    • configuration
    • administration
    • database scheme
    • external libraries
    • webpages functionality
  • [install]
    • first installation
    • database creation
  • [language] - translations: DE, EN, ES, FR, PL, PT, RU, TR
  • [licenses] - open source license schemes
  • [scripts] - client-side web browser .js scripts
  • [styles]
    • webpages .css templates
    • webpages .tpl templates
    • fonts
    • images
  • [tests]


SteemNova expansion goes as follows:

  1. Reorganize github code. Specify README and LICENSE documentation. Fix any game issues if there will be any.
  2. Create SteemNova Board community on top of Steem blockchain. (
  3. Game manual and tips & tricks for newbies.
  4. Specify detailed explanation how the reward system will work. (
  5. Announce bug bounties, artwork contests and utopian-io task requests for contributors (mobile UI, visual bugs etc.).
  6. Steem accounts integration. (

Local installation

  • Clone the repo: git clone
  • Install components: apt-get install apache2 php7.0 php7.0-gd php7.0-fpm php7.0-mysql php7.0-curl libapache2-mod mysql-server
  • Install php-ds extension
    • apt-get install php-pear php7.0-dev
    • pecl install ds
    • create file 30-ds.ini with content and put in /etc/php/7.0/apache2/conf.d/ source
  • Install HTML_BBCodeParser2
    • pear install HTML_BBCodeParser2-0.1.0
  • Setup mysql: create user USER identified by PASSWORD; create database DB; grant all privileges on DB.* to USER;
  • Set write privileges to dirs: cache/, includes/
  • Run wizard:


In game screen

Copyright and license

SteemNova is a fork of Open Source Browsergame Framework jkroepke/2Moons engine.

Code copyright 2009-2016 Jan-Otto Kröpke released under the MIT License.

Code copyright 2018 @steemnova released under the MIT License.