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Suhosin Extension
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mbregex Inital commit
pkg added suhosin.ini to DEBIAN/conffiles as suggested by @szepeviktor
tests added test case for #98
.gitignore restructured error output in unittests. (issues #52 + #54)
CREDITS Inital commit
Changelog started version 0.9.39
LICENSE Add LICENSE file so that linux distributions are magically happy
aes.c Inital commit
config.m4 removed <5.4 compatibility code
config.w32 removed <5.4 compatibility code
crypt.c change (c) to 2015
ex_imp.c change (c) to 2015
execute.c change (c) to 2015
header.c change (c) to 2015
ifilter.c change (c) to 2015
log.c (c) 2015
mbregex.h change (c) to 2015
memory_limit.c change (c) to 2015
php_suhosin.h started version 0.9.39
post_handler.c change (c) to 2015
rfc1867_new.c Fix high CPU consumption DOS through many newlines in RFC1867 MIME he…
session.c fixed #73
sha256.c change (c) to 2015
sha256.h change (c) to 2015
suhosin.c changed perdir permissions
suhosin.ini minor documentation fix
suhosin_logo.h Inital commit
suhosin_rfc1867.h change (c) to 2015
treat_data.c change (c) to 2015
ufilter.c change (c) to 2015
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