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File and Image Management Application for django
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A file management application for django that makes handling of files and images a breeze.

file browser

Filer picker widget: file-picker-widget-screeshot




django.contrib.staticfiles is required.

Django >= 1.6 is supported together with django-polymorphic >= 0.5.4

Django >= 1.7 is supported together with django-polymorphic >= 0.5.6


To get started using django-filer simply install it with pip:

$ pip install django-filer


Add "filer", "mptt" and "easy_thumbnails" to your project's INSTALLED_APPS setting and run syncdb (and migrate if you're using South).

See the docs for advanced configuration:

Django <1.7 and South

Django 1.7 is supported together with the new migrations. For Django<1.7 South is still supported, you need at least South>=1.0 for South to find them though.


The easiest way to run the testsuite is to checkout the code, make sure you have PIL installed, and run:

python test

For serious testing tox is recommended. See documentation for details.

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