A Power widget for the Awesome Window Manager
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A widget for the Awesome Window Manager to display power devices with UPower and DBus

This widget uses the upower_dbus library.


In addition to the requirements listed in the rockspec file, you will need the Awesome Window Manager and UPower (for more information about this, see the upower_dbus documentation).


The easiest way to install this widget is to use luarocks:

luarocks install power_widget

You can use the --local option if you don't want or can't install it system-wide

This will ensure that all its dependencies are installed.

Note that if you install with --local you will have to make sure that the LUA_PATH environment variable includes the local luarocks path. This can be achieved by evaling the command luarocks path --bin before Awesome is started.

For example, if you start Awesome from the Linux console (e.g. xinit awesome) and you use zsh, you can add the following lines to your ~/.zprofile:

if (( $+commands[luarocks] )); then
    eval `luarocks path --bin`

If you use bash, you can add the following lines to your ~/.bash_profile:

if [[ -n "`which luarocks 2>/dev/null`" ]]; then
    eval `luarocks path --bin`

If you use an X Display Manager you will need to do what explained above in your ~/.xprofile or ~/.xinitrc. See the documentation of your display manager of choice for more information.


The widget displays power icons that are searched in the folders defined in the table beautiful.upower_icon_theme_dirs with extensions defined in the table beautiful.upower_icon_extensions. The default is to look into "/usr/share/icons/Adwaita/scalable/devices/" and "/usr/share/icons/Adwaita/scalable/status/"for icons whose extension is "svg". Note that the directory paths must end with a slash and that the extensions must not contain a dot. The icons are searched using Awesome's awful.util.geticonpath function.

You can specify a GUI client to be launched when the widget is right-clicked. This can be done by changing the gui_client field of the widget. The default is to have no client. For example, you could use the XFCE4 Power Manager or the GNOME one.

You can set the critical battery percentage at which a warning will be displayed using the critical_percentage property (defaults to 5).

Mouse controls

When the widget is focused:

  • Right button: launches GUI client (defined by the gui_client field; defaults to the empty string, so nothing will happen)


A tooltip with the current device power status shown.


Add the following to your ~/.config/awesome/rc.lua:

Require the module:

-- require *after* `beautiful.init` or the theme will be inconsistent!
local power = require("power_widget")
-- override the GUI client.
power.gui_client = "xfce4-power-manager"
-- override the critical battery percentage
power.critical_percentage = 18

Add the widget to your layout:

  • Awesome 3.5.x rc.lua
  • Awesome 4.x rc.lua
    -- Add widgets to the wibox
    s.mywibox:setup {
        layout = wibox.layout.align.horizontal,
        { -- Left widgets
            layout = wibox.layout.fixed.horizontal,
        s.mytasklist, -- Middle widget
        { -- Right widgets
            layout = wibox.layout.fixed.horizontal,
            -- other widgets


This project is developed in the author's spare time. Contributions in the form of issues, patches and pull requests are welcome.