ColanderAlchemy helps you autogenerating Colander schemas based on SQLAlchemy mapped objects.
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ColanderAlchemy helps you to auto-generate Colander schemas that are based on SQLAlchemy mapped classes.

Such Colander schemas can be used with libraries like Deform and helps remove the need for duplication of schema definitions.


Latest documentation is at: Read The Docs.


Using pip command:

pip install ColanderAlchemy


ColanderAlchemy is distributed under the MIT license.

Development version

Fork the development version on GitHub.

The branch '0.1' contains the old version of ColanderAlchemy: 0.1x The branch 'master' contains the new version of ColanderAlchemy: 0.3x


Please use Github Issue System for support requests (bug report, feature requests, other kind of help requests).

Follow me on Twitter @stefontanelli to receive notifications about new releases.