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Python class for dynamic stock modelling
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Python class for efficient handling of dynamic stock models

This project contains a class and a connected unit test for modelling dynamic stocks of materials or products, as used in dynamic material flow analysis and industrial ecology.

Note: This project is no longer maintained. The dynamic stock model class is now part of ODYM, the open dynamic material systems model. The new dsm class of ODYM includes a number of lifetime distributions, different dynamic stock models, is more thoroughly tested, and consistently uses the survival function (sf) to model the decay of age-cohorts. Please check here:

Created on Mon Jun 30 17:21:28 2014

@main author: stefan pauliuk, NTNU Trondheim, Norway
with contributions from
Chris Mutel, PSI, Villingen, CH

numpy >= 1.9
scipy >= 0.14

Documenation of all methods and functions:

Below, a quick installation guide and a link to the tutorial are provided:

a) Installation from the web repository:
This is the easiest way of installing dynamic_stock_model. Github hosts an installation package for dynamic_stock_model, which can be downloaded directly from the command line using pip:

pip install dynamic_stock_model

b) Installation as package:
Pull package via git pull or download as .zip file and unpack. Choose a convenient location (Here: 'C:\MyPythonPackages'). Then open a console, change to the directory ../dynamic_stock_model-master/, and install the package from the command line:

python install

This makes the package available to Python. At any other place in a system with the same python installation, dynamic_stock_model is now ready to be imported simply by

import dynamic_stock_model

This setup also allows us to run the unit test:

import unittest

import dynamic_stock_model

import dynamic_stock_model.tests

unittest.main(dynamic_stock_model.tests, verbosity=2)

Or, to run a specific test

unittest.main(dynamic_stock_model.tests.test_known_results, verbosity=2)

c) Manual installation, by modifying the python path
Pull package via git pull or download as .zip file and unpack. Choose a convenient location (Here: 'C:\MyPythonPackages\'). Then include in your code the following lines
> import sys


from dynamic_stock_model import DynamicStockModel

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