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A data mashup for the Digital Economy Bill
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This is a Sinatra-based web application that was built to show the results of a single debate on the Digital Economy Bill, and could be used for similar purposes in the future.

You are free to use, adapt, modify this code in any way you want.



sudo gem install ccsv sinata haml activesupport yaml twfy

The various parts. Whilst it is set up to run April 2010, MP details will change, and you might want to run this against a different hashtag:

  • can give you a download of a hashtag (in this case #debill). Save that file as tweets.csv, then run a find and replace to change double commas to comma space comma (Eg.gsub(',,',' ')) This is a #todo

  • TheyWorkForYou will give you a list of current MPs. Sign up for a TWFY API Key, edit all_current_mps.rb and run it with ruby all_current_mps.rb This will give you a file mps.yaml containing all of their info.

  • Edit bothered.yaml with the people who turned up

  • Run the webapp rackup -p 8383

  • Then view it in your browser: localhost:8383

  • To deploy to Heroku Follow the instructions on Heroku to set up your account with them

    (where appname is the name of your app) heroku create myappname git add . git commit -m“myapp first import” git push heroku master

    Then view your app in a browser at:

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