ANTLR3 plugin for sbt 0.12.x
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A plugin for sbt-0.12.x that generates code based on an antlr 3.5 grammar.


Depend on the plugin: ./project/plugins/build.sbt

resolvers += "stefri" at ""

addSbtPlugin("com.github.stefri" % "sbt-antlr" % "0.5.3")

Place your ANTLR3 grammar files in src/main/antlr3 and they will be included in your next build. Note, sbt-antlr generates the source code only once as long as your grammar file didn't change it does not re-generate the java source files.

Include Plugin Settings

Include the settings from sbtantlr.SbtAntlrPlugin.antlrSettings in your project build file. See the SBT wiki page on plugins for further details.

Problems and Feature Requests

Please use the issue tracker on github if you find a bug or want to request a specific feature. Note, this plugin is in early alpha, there are still lots of things todo - feel free to fork and send a pull request to improve the codebase.


sbt-antlr is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License, see the file for further details.


sbt-antlr is inspired by the antlr3-maven-plugin used to get a quick start with the antlr generator tool. Moreover, since this was my first SBT plugin, some of the already existing code generating SBT plugins were used to understand the basics (namely the sbt-protobuf and sbt-xjc plugins).