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A plugin for sbt-0.12.1 that aggregates javascript code, wrappes each file in a spade handler and processes handlebars templates files. The plugin is best used together with Ember.js a javascript framework derived from SproutCore and formerly known as SproutCore 2.


Depend on the plugin: ./project/plugins.sbt

resolvers += "stefri" at ""

addSbtPlugin("com.github.stefri" % "sbt-emberjs" % "0.4")

Ember picks it's libraries form src/main/emberjs/libs, the source files either from src/main/emberjs/js or resource_managed/main/js. The latter is used to play nicely with the coffeescript plugin. You don't have to use both. All files ending in .handlebars which are placed in src/main/emberjs/templates are handled as handlebars template files. They are processed as they are, and not precompiled at the moment.

The plugin arregates all files in a resouce_managed/main/assets/application.js file. It is planned to do minify them when requested, but this feature is not implemented yet. The generated file inludes spade (version 1.0.2) but be careful, the naming of the artifacts is slightly different to bpm. Have a look at the generated javascript file and the wiki.

Futher documentation is available in the project's wiki on github. Feel free to add more.

Include Plugin Settings

How to include the settings from emberjs.EmberjsPlugin.emberjsSettings in your project build file. See the SBT wiki page on plugins.

Problems and Feature Requests

Please use the issue tracker on github if you find a bug or want to request a specific feature. Note, this plugin is still in a very early stage, there are still lots of things todo - feel free to fork and send a pull request to improve the codebase or to implement one of the open issues.


sbt-emberjs is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License, see the LICENSE file for further details.