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How do I use it?

Check out one of the many tests, as they provide good examples.

What features does it have?
Type Supported
V5 compatible? Yes!
Rate-limiting? Set dynamically based on your key!
Cache Supported
FileSystem Yes!
Memory Partly...
SQL Not yet :(

How do I download?

For maven / gradle / sbt / leiningen: Jitpack
For a JAR file: Releases


Click here

How do I async?

Wrap the method-call in CompletableFuture

CompletableFuture.supplyAsync(() -> api.getSummonerAPI().getSummonerByAccount(Platform.EUW1, Constants.TEST_ACCOUNT_IDS[0])).thenAccept(this::handleSummonerCallback);

private void handleSummonerCallback(Summoner u)

more examples here


  • Add ALL methods to MemoryCacheProvider
  • Add support for sql storage (hibernate?)
  • Add ddragon as an alternative to static-data