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LESS library for easy and fast webapp scaffolding
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stellar is a LESS library for easy and fast webapp scaffolding

It is good at:

  • vertical align;
  • and..centering things;
  • arranging in rows (for wide screens) and columns (for small screens); and of course
  • responsive design with just a few lines of code.

And easy because:

there is a parent (element) and it has children (elements)..and the parent says how his children are arranged in terms of x-axis and y-axis.

How to use:

  • First, let's see what the parent can do to children.

Use .row(); or .column(); on a parent element to arrange its children in a row or a column.

Inside the brackets you can use @x: and @y: to specify how the children are positioned on the corresponding axis.

Use @left;, @center;, @right; or @spread; for x-axis positioning. Use @top;, @center;, @bottom; or @spread; for y-axis positioning.

Default values:

	.row(@x: @left; @y: @top;);
	.column(@x: @left; @y: @top);

If using a default value, the property and its corresponding value can be skipped.


Тhis: .row(@x: center; @y: @top); is the same like .row(@x: center;);.

  • And now, what children can do despite their parent's say.

A child can get a different positioning than the rest of the children.

Use .naughty(row; @y: value;); when the children are arranged in a .row;. (values: @top, @center, @bottom).

Use .naughty(column; @x: value;); when the children are arranged in a .column;. (values: @left, @center, @right).

Default values:

	.naughty(row; @y: @top;);
	.naughty(column; @x: @left;);


HTML code

<div class="container">
	<div class="child"></div>
	<div class="child"></div>
	<div class="child naughty"></div>
	<div class="child"></div>

LESS code

.container {
	.row(@x: @center; @y: @top);
	height: 100vh;
	width: 960px;
	.child {
		height: 100px;
		margin: 20px;
		width: 100px;
	.naughty {
		.naughty(row; @y: @center;);

Browser Support

  • Chrome 21+
  • Firefox 22+
  • IE 11
  • Edge
  • Opera 12.10+
  • Safari 6.1+


IE 11 does not position the children elements along y-axis correctly if the parent has min-height. If you need to set min-height to the parent element, use height as well.


$ npm install stellar-less

in your .less file:

@import "path/to/stellar/stellar";

More samples

For more complex samples in an interactive playground, please visit

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