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This suite consists of the following apps:

More information about each server can be found in corresponding README file.

Downloading the server

Prebuilt binaries of the bridge-server server are available on the releases page.

Platform Binary file name
Mac OSX 64 bit name-darwin-amd64
Linux 64 bit name-linux-amd64
Windows 64 bit name-windows-amd64.exe

Alternatively, you can build the binary yourself.


gb is used for building and testing.

Given you have a running golang installation, you can build the server with:

gb build

After a successful build, you should find bin/bridge in the project directory.


To build user interface for the bridge server go to gui folder and run:

gulp build

For development run:

gulp develop

Running tests

gb test


godoc -goroot=. -http=:6060

Then simply open:


in a browser.