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react-fake-code-typing - Fake code typing for React.js

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Full documentation & Demo

React Fake Code Typing documentation


$ npm i react-fake-code-typing


import { FakeCodeTyping }  from 'react-fake-code-typing';
import 'react-fake-code-typing/style.min.css';

const testCode = `
function setError($errorcode) {
      $this->errorcode = $errorcode;
      $this->error = $this->errors[$errorcode];
function getError($errormessage = '') {
      $error = $this->errorcode.$this->errormessage;
      return $error;

 * @link Home
 * @todo ..write a 404 page that actually makes sense.
$err->getError("Page Not Found");`;



FakeCodeTyping Props

speed={ Number }

Typing speed (default: 12).


For development

Launch the demo with catalog

$ yarn start

Run the tests

$ yarn test

Watch and Run the tests

$ yarn test:watch

Run lint

$ yarn test:lint

Publish new version (only for maintainers)

$ yarn publish


react-fake-code-typing is available under MIT. See LICENSE for more details.