Fast visualization, comparison and calculations in global tomographic models
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Fast visualization, comparison and calculations in global tomographic models

What is SeisTomoPy for ?

SeisTomoPy is a new Python tool that facilitates the use of a suite of tomographic models available to the public, with a single programme. SeisTomoPy provides six tools that allow to visualize tomographic models, compare them and extract information for further scientific purposes. The tool comes with a graphical interface with intuitive buttons and simple parameters but the same information can also be gained by using the Python classes that can be run routinely in Python scripts.


SeisTomoPy has a number of dependencies listed below.

gfortran : GNU Fortran (MacPorts gcc48 4.8.5_0) 4.8.5

Python 2.7, 3.5, 3.6

iPython 5.8.0

matplotlib 2.2.3

basemap 1.2.0


proj4 5.0.1

proj.4 4.9.1

numpy 1.15.1

obspy 1.1.0

pyqt 5.9.2

scipy 1.1.0

geopandas 0.3.0

For installing the Python dependencies, please run :

conda install -c conda-forge matplotlib numpy obspy pyqt scipy pyqtgraph basemap geopandas

Installing SeisTomoPy

$ git clone

$ cd SeisTomoPy_V3

$ pip install -e .

User Manual

A Documentation is provided in SeisTomoPy_V3/Documentation/ directory.


A tutorial is available as a jupyter notebook. You can run it going into the folder SeisTomoPy_V3/Documentation/TomoPy_notebook and running:

$ jupyter notebook

A web window should open. Then you just need to click on SeisTomoPy_GUI_Notebook.ipynb to have an introduction to the GUI interface or on SeisTomoPy_class_Notebook.ipynb for an introduction to the use of SeisTomoPy class.

Running the GUI

$ ipython -m SeisTomoPy.gui

The graphical interface should pop-up.


Durand S., R. Abreu, C. Thomas, 2017, SeisTomoPy: Fast visualization, comparison and calculations in global tomographic models, Seis. Res. Lett., 89(2A), 658-667