Matlab code for all variants of robust PCA and SPCP
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Matlab code for all variants of robust PCA and SPCP. This implements the code from the conference paper "A variational approach to stable principal component pursuit" by Aravkin, Becker, Cevher, Olsen; UAI 2014.

Not only is this code fast, but it is the only code we know of that solves all common stable principal component pursuit (SPCP) variants, including the new variants we introduced in the paper. All these variants are in some sense equivalent, but some of them are easier to solve, and some have parameters that are easier to estimate. See the paper for details

More info on robust PCA and stable principal component pursuit (websites with software, review articles, etc.)



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Code and installation

The code runs on MATLAB and does not require any mex files or installation. Just unzip the file and you are set. Run setup_fastRPCA to set the correct paths, and try the demos directory for sample usage of the code.


The code was developed by all the authors of the UAI paper, but primary development is due to Stephen Becker and Aleksandr (Sasha) Aravkin. Further contributions are welcome.

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