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Companion Computer software installer for the KakutePi board and APM
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APSync Companion


This repository contains a series of scripts for running on a Raspberry Pi in order to configure it for running with the Pi-Connect board (though it will run on any Raspberry Pi with a flight controller connected to the UART).

The scripts are designed to be as automated as possible.

The software is heavily based on the "APSync" companion computer software. Here it has been simplified to become a minimal package.


Download this repository to a fresh Raspberry Pi install. It is assumed this repository has been cloned into the ~/ directory.

Run each of the (ie, then, then scripts in turn. The Raspberry Pi will reboot at the end of each script.

At the end, the Raspberry Pi will be ready for use.


The Flight controller (Kakute F4 in this case) needs to have the following parameters set:

  • SERIAL1_BAUD 921

The software running includes:

  • mavlink-router for distributing telemetry
  • APWeb for a web-based monitoring and control
  • apstreamline for low-latency video
  • A Wifi access point "ardupilot" (default password "ardupilot")

Once connected to the Wifi access point the interfaces and be accessed.

  • The web interface and video streaming control can be access via
  • Telemetry software can be connected via UDP IP, port 14550. For example with MAVProxy use the command --master=udpout:

Note the the above interfaces can be accessed via the Raspberry Pi's ethernet port, but the IP address will be different (as per the LAN configuration).

Known Issues

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