Run tests on a actually virtual machine
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Please note this is beta and I will be rolling a gem eventually. Currently this only works if the top level directory is the same asi the module name.


Wrap into rspec so you can actually run checks on the state of the virtual machine.


Run the tests directory in a puppet module actually on a virtual machine. We use sahara so we can roll back the state of the machine between tests. I have created a Vagrant/prerun directory to drop shell scripts in.These are run before sahara is turned on. This is for cachine packages etc so you dont need to download them each test.

Step 1: Setup

First install virtual box

Step 2: Gems

Install the following gems

  • Vagrant
  • Sahara
  • Rake

Step 3: Add the rake task

require 'pathto/vmpuppettest/lib/vmpuppettest/rake_tasks'

to your Rakefile

Setp 4: Run setup

Run rake vmsetup to create all the files we need

Step 5: Runs the test

Run rake vmtest to run all the tests in tests/