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StephPY VIM config


One Shot:

wget -O ./ && chmod +x ./ && ./


git clone git:// ~/.vim-config

# Be sure you backup your .vim (copy them by using cmd "cp ~/.vim ~/.vim.backup")
ln -s ~/.vim-config/.vim ~/.vim
# Be sure you backup your .vimrc (copy them by using cmd "cp ~/.vimrc ~/.vimrc.backup")
ln -s ~/.vim-config/.vimrc ~/.vimrc

mkdir ~/.vim/bundle
git clone $HOME/.vim/bundle/vundle

vim +BundleInstall +qa

# If your vim is compiled with ruby:
cd $HOME/.vim/bundle/Command-T/ruby/command-t && ruby extconf.rb && make



Define a ~/.vimrc.local.before or ~/.vimrc.local.after and set your config on (or bundles)


If you want to change the list of bundle, list them on ~/.vimrc.bundle. you can add just some bundle by adding them on ~/.vimrc.local

Using vundle plugin (to set unobstrusive plugins)

Plugin list:

Nom Description
ack.vim Searching on project, this need ackbetterthangrep
bufexplorer Buffer explorer
Command-T (ONLY IF VIM is compiled with ruby) As on textmate, searching on project a file and open it
comments.vim Comments code
ctrlp.vim (ONLY IF VIM is NOT compiled with ruby) As on textmate, searching on project a file and open it
delimitMate Close brackets/quotes
guard-ctags-composer Works with guard to rebuild ctags files
nerdtree File navigation
sessionman.vim Save session, use old session, etc ...
Snipmate Snippets Snippets like on texmate
supertab Some function for
syntastic Syntastic is a syntax checking plugin that runs files through external syntax checkers and displays any resulting errors to the user
taglist.vim Show methods, properties of a class
tlib This library provides some utility functions
vim-abolish Awesome replace
vim-addon-mw-utils Some utils
vim-align Alignments
Easymotion for vim Easymotion for vim
vim-fugitive Git tools
vim-less Less for vim
vim-instant-markdown Render your .markdown files on a browser, need node.js and a node.js plugin to work
vim-markdown Markdown tools
vim-php-cs-fixer Fix coding standards using psr0, psr1, psr2
vim-php-namespace Generate php namespace for classes
vim-phpdoc PHPDoc for classes, methods, vars, php5.3 compliant
vim-phpunit Phpunit integration on vim
vim-powerline Vim beautiful !
vim-snipmate As on textmate, easily add shortcut to create snippets
vim-surround Delete/change/add parentheses/quotes/XML-tags/much more with ease
vim-symfony Shortcuts for Symfony2
vim-twig Twig syntax
vundle Manage bundles


If command-t does not work, see "Trouble-shooting" section on

Useful configs

let g:pdv_cfg_Author="Stephane PY <>"
let g:NERDTreeShowHidden=1                                " show hidden files on nerdtree

colorscheme molokai



  • CTRL + C -> to comment line(s) selected
  • CTRL + X -> to uncomment line(s) selected
  • CTRL + P -> Command-T OR CTRL-P
  • Y -> Open NerdTree navigation
  • F -> Ack (search on project) Need ack (
  • D -> phpdoc on class, methods, vars ...
  • CTRL + W then (key) -> Align lines on key, check on AlignPlugin
  • be -> Seeing buffer explorer ``