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rtltcpaccess is a drop-in replacement for RTL283XACCESS.dll that connects to an rtl_tcp server and streams the samples from there. Its main purpose is to allow DAB reception on GNU/Linux and OS X through running the Windows software in Wine, but it works on Windows as well.


The installation script ( fetches the DAB software as well as a pre-built version of the library which is also available from here:

To get the installation script, run:

chmod +x

If you want to build the library yourself, get MinGW and run 'make'.


Just run rtl_tcp (which comes with librtlsdr). Since the default auto-gain setting doesn't always result in the best SNR, you might want to play with the gain option [-g]. When rtl_tcp is running, start the DAB application.


By default, rtltcpaccess tries to connect to localhost:1234, you can change this by creating a key in the Wine registry:

wine regedit

Those are the names of the registry keys:


address is a string, port is a DWORD. If the testmode is enabled it checks for lost samples, just like rtl_test.


rtltcpaccess was written by Steve Markgraf and is released under the MIT License (Expat).