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Cat nap 🐱💤

This is a little cat-themed break timer. The application monitors activity and will pause timing when it detects that you've left your computer. It has a tray/menu bar icon that indicates time remaining and it is pretty small and unobtrusive.

There are a few basic settings:

Work (15 minutes > 3 hours)

How long would you like to work before a break is suggested? I recommend 55 minutes.

Break (1 minute > 30 minutes)

How long should your break be? I recommend five minutes.

Skips (0-3)

If you're in the middle of something important, you might want to delay your break. Think of this like a snooze button on an alarm clock. You can select 0 - 3 skips per break alert.

#### Tracking The application will only increment its clock when it detects activity. Your options are "mouse", seeing if the mouse cursor has moved in the last minute, and "windows", seeing if the titles and order of your top three windows has changed. The latter is an attempt to make this more functional for users who spend most of their time on their keyboards. I hope to add some form of keyboard tracking soon.

If you disable both mouse and windows, the application just acts as a timer.

Right click the tray icon/menu icon to disable cat nap and to make it launch on start up.


Check the releases for Windows and OSX installers.

## Building

Cat nap was made with Electron. You will need Git and Node.js (which comes with npm).

# Clone catnap
git clone
# Go into the catnap directory
cd catnap
# Install dependencies and run the app
npm install && npm start

You can then run npm start after each change.

I've tried to keep the code neat and commented. Where I've failed in that, I'll tidy up over time.

Learn more about Electron and its API in the documentation.


Create an issue or, if you're feeling kind, a pull request.

stevecat ❤️

License CC0 (Public Domain)