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[IoVM] Block isKindOf #24

superbobry opened this Issue Apr 3, 2010 · 2 comments

3 participants


I'm not quite sure what's happening here, but Block instances handle isKindOf incorrectly. Example:
Io> Block isKindOf(Object)
==> true
Io> Lobby getSlot("forward") type
==> Block
Io> Lobby getSlot("forward") isKindOf(Object)

  Exception: Object does not respond to 'self'
  Object self                 380
  Block ancestors             387
  Block isKindOf                       Command Line 1
kinda commented May 24, 2010

I think the issue comes from the "ancestors" method which shouldn't activate x and self.

Instead of:

ancestors := method(a,
  if(a, if(a detect(x, x isIdenticalTo(self)), return a), a = List clone)
  a append(self)
  self protos foreach(ancestors(a))

We should have something like:

ancestors := method(a,
  if(a, if(a detect(x, getSlot("x") isIdenticalTo(getSlot("self"))), return a), a = List clone)
  a append(getSlot("self"))
  self protos foreach(ancestors(a))

Fixed - thanks for report and suggestion.

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