Examples of GraphQL endpoints created using various languages/frameworks.
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In this repository, you will find examples of GraphQL endpoints created using various languages atop different frameworks. The goal is to demonstrate how you might go about creating a GraphQL endpoint atop your existing infrastructure, whatever that may be, without having to rewrite your data model.

Watch the original presentation

Zero to GraphQL in 30 Minutes – video

The examples' data model

Every example in this repository exposes a Person data model using an API considered idiomatic for the framework in question (eg. ActiveRecord for Rails). The type definition of the Person model looks like this:

type Person {
  id: String!
  first_name: String!
  last_name: String!
  username: String!
  email: String!
  friends: [Person]

Running the examples

Each example features its own README.md file to help you get up and running.


See a language or framework for which there is no example? Feel free to send us a pull request! Expose the data model outlined above using whatever API you like, be sure to provide some seed data, and write a README that outlines all of the steps needed to get up and running with an instance of GraphiQL that you can use to issue queries to your new GraphQL endpoint.