Transparent serial link emulation using HopeRF RFM12B transceiver modules
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Arduino library to provide a software emulation of a transparent serial link using the HopeRF RFM12B transceiver modules. The library extends the Arduino stream class so the user is able to access the RFM12B as a serial device in much the same way as the Arduino environment enables access to the hardware UART(s).

Example sketches


Sketch to transfer data between the serial port and an RFM12B. This sketch can be used to emulate an XBee or Ciseco XRF radio link. You will need to use a pair RFM12B modules with similar software at both ends of the link. The firmware size is under 8kB when compiled for the ATtiny84 so it may be possible to run the sketch on the RFM12B to Pi expansion board,


Example of how the begin() function can be used to check whether the RFM12B is fitted, and to fall back to using a XRF/XBee radio if it is not. By using a reference to a Stream object this concept can be used to easily create a single firmware image which supports both types of hardware.


The RF12_Stream library is copyright S R Marple, 2013 and is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for full details.