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SDbgCore Almost done !threads. Jan 8, 2014
SDbgExt Delete ReadMe.txt Aug 24, 2014
SDbgExt2Tests Alternate version of !DumpStackObjects that uses GetStackReferences()… Jan 3, 2014
SDbgM Almost done !threads. Jan 8, 2014
SDbgMTests Reimplemented DumpMD in managed code. Jan 4, 2014
lib New method Jan 8, 2014
.gitignore Gitignore. Jan 13, 2013
LICENSE.txt Fixed x64 build breaks. Jul 1, 2013 Create Jul 1, 2013
SDbgExt2.sln More renaming. Jan 13, 2013
windbg_script.txt Almost done !threads. Jan 8, 2014

SDbgExt2 / SPT is a wrapper around the IXCLRDataProcess interface.

SPT is (primarily) a WinDBG add-in. It includes a few useful diagnostic methods:

  • DumpAspNetRequests
  • DumpDictionary
  • DumpSqlConnectionPools (aka !sqlblame)
  • DumpThreadPoolQueues
  • FindHttpContext
  • GetDelegateMethod
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