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Ideas and scripts for optimizing your keyboard.
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Ideas and scripts for optimizing your keyboard.

This project contains AutoHotkey scripts and Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (KLC) files for making your typing experience more comfortable and efficient.

AutoHotkey scripts

AltGr scripts

  • AltGr Progammer extension - making available commonly needed programmer keys such as brackets and symbols available in convenient locations.
  • AltGr International extension - making a variety of accented characters, currency, mathematical and other symbols all available via the AltGr key.

Extend layer scripts

  • Re-use a modifier key (e.g. CapsLock) for something much more useful. This script provides a navigation layer via holding a chosen modifier key and pressing other keys. Includes arrow keys, home, end, page up/down and more. If using the CapsLock key, the actual CapsLock function is still available via a mapping.

Misc scripts

  • Other miscellaneous AutoHotkey scripts: sticky shift, numeric keypad layer.

To try out any of the scripts, install the excellent AutoHotkey and then run the script. Or choose "Edit This Script" from the AutoHotkey menu and paste in the script you want to try.

KLC Wide Layouts

KLC Wide Layouts

  • Adopt a more comfortable typing posture by keeping a greater separation between your hands.
  • Easier access to keys on the right-hand side, e.g. Return, Backspace, Right Shift.
  • Currently available for UK Qwerty and UK Colemak keyboards, modifiable for other layouts.

To try out these layouts, a Windows installer is available in the zip package. Alternatevely, if you have Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator installed, you can load in the KLC source file and make custom changes.

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