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####A lightweight ActionScript 3.0 asset management solution


AssetManager is a simple, yet flexible, solution to asset management for AS3 projects.

It provides a clean, simple and well documented API to allow you to focus on building your projects quickly without having to worry about how to load, store and retrieve assets.

AssetManager contains a simple plugin architecture for file formated to keep the footprint low. A default import of AssetManager with no custom plugins activated weighs in at around 8.3kb.


  • Clean and simple API
  • Global and local loading queues
  • Nestable queues
  • Simple purging system for managing garbage collection and keeping memory usage in check
  • Priority system for controlling loading priority of individual assets and nested queues
  • Ability to store any valid ActionScript object, so all assets, internal or external, can be managed through AssetManager
  • Support for XML formatted asset lists
  • Plugin architecture for handling different data and file formats. Included format handlers are:
  • Easily extendable with plugin architecture to support any format
  • Suitable for use in both small projects and large enterprise level projects

Future Additions

  • Support for loading and decompressing of ZIP archives

Quick API Examples

Load an external asset and listen for completion:

var assetManager:AssetManager = AssetManager.getInstance();
assetManager.addEventListener(AssetEvent.QUEUE_COMPLETE, onQueueComplete, false, 0, true);

Retrieving a loaded asset:

var bmd:BitmapData = AssetManager.getInstance().get("assets/image1.jpg").asset;

Load an asset with a custom high priority:

AssetManager.getInstance().add("myChildSWF.swf", { priority: 5 } );

Load a single asset and execute a callback upon completion:

AssetManager.getInstance().add("image.png",	{
	onComplete: function():void
		trace("Asset complete:", AssetManager.getInstance().get("image.png"));

Remove a loading, or previously loaded asset:


Remove all loaded and currently loading assets:


See the example projects for more examples and advanced features.


API documentation



AssetManager is MIT-licensed. Please let me know of any issues and problems you encounter. Feel free to submit suggestions or pull-requests with new features or fixes.

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