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jquery object-fit polyfill

Note: this project is no longer maintained. Please use

Simple object-fit polyfill for the CSS3 Images object-fit property. It contains a quick feature detection for Opera which supports this property natively.

Read the blog post about this polyfill on Steve Workman's blog

Read about how CSS3 images works on the Opera Developer blog


$('.selector').objectFit({type: 'cover', hideOverflow: true}); // hiding overflow is only relevant to cover

Image sizes are now re-calculated for the given selectors on browser re-size without you having to do anything.

Similarities to box-sizing: cover/contain:

The syntax for box-sizing and object-fit are identical, and their purpose is the same. One important thing to remember is that:

  • object-fit requires a width or height to re-size the media

This is because object-fit is meant to size the image inside an element (and other graphical elements like video). For example, the default UA stylesheet for

This can be accomplished using min/max-width/height, instead of setting absolute dimensions


Originally by Schmidsi and re-worked by steveworkman

To do:

  • Add an object-position polyfill
  • Add support for all other media types:


CSS3 object-fit polyfill with jQuery



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