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Dollchan Extension is the userscript and extension that combines various options & features, making you hang out on imageboards in an easier and more convenient way.

Dollchan has both cross-browser and cross-board working scope. A list of supported sites includes all imageboards based on Wakaba, Kusaba, Tinyboard, Vichan, TinyIB, LynxChan, FoolFuuka, their derivatives, or any other board engine that generates a html source parsable by the Dollchan, implying no critical changes were made by board maintainers. Otherwise, Dollchan will either block itself or will not work correctly.

The preferred place for bug reports and general suggestions is Issues.

Also questions about Dollchan can be left in the discussion thread: https://dscript.me/de/res/1.html.

Or you can contact me by email: sthephan.shi@gmail.com.

This application is provided with an open source code. You take full responsibility for the usage of the application.

You can support the project by donating:


  • 410012122418236


  • WMZ – Z100197626370
  • WMR – R266614957054
  • WMU – U142375546253


  • P2PKH – 15xEo7BVQ3zjztJqKSRVhTq3tt3rNSHFpC
  • P2SH – 3AhNPPpvtxQoFCLXk5e9Hzh6Ex9h7EoNzq
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