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* DCPU emulator by David St-Hilaire (Twitter: @SourjiroSeta_)

I'm trying to put togheter a dcpu emulator for the fun of learning Go
and the dcpu architecture. This processor was invented by Markus
"notch" Persson when working on his 2nd game for Mojan, 0x10c

The details of the architecture: http://0x10c.com/doc/dcpu-16.txt

TODO list:

- [DONE] implement a mnemonic to assembly parser

- implement more unit tests for the dcpu, the parser and the AST
  binary "compilation"
- implement a "debugger" for the dcpu
- implement a real 100 mHz implmentation (now not capped in speed) to
  conform to the processor specification
- write a compiler that has a backend to dcpu (or use an existing one,
  and just modify the backend)
- ...
- ...
- rule the galaxy :)