An application to make longterm statistics for a group playing the game Schafkopf.
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The Schafkopfauswerter is an application to make longterm statistics for playing the game Schafkopf. It is based on Java 7 and AspectJ. Features of this programs are e.g. a table of all played games, changeable prices, graphical evaluations per player and overall, a PDF report generation and also importing and exporting old Schafkopf sessions.

This application uses the pdfBox library for generating the PDF reports and GRAL for creating the plots.


The Easy Way

If you just want to use the Schafkopfauswerter you can simply download the file Schafkopfauswerter.jar from the base directory. It is a precompiled versions with all features turned on. For those who want to make some changes please read the next paragraph.

Git Checkout / Building from the Source

After checking out the project you're almost done, just call gradle build to download all needed dependencies from diverse Maven repositories. If you do not have gradle installed use ./gradlew. It will install the necessary gradle version and delegate all further commands to it.

For an easy integration into IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse use gradle idea or gradle eclipse.

Useful Commands
  • With gradle run the application can be started.
  • With gradle fatJar are jar file containing all dependencies is created, it can be found in build/libs and has the suffix -all in its name