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dmenu - dynamic menu

dmenu is an efficient dynamic menu for X.


In order to build dmenu you need the Xlib header files.


Edit config.mk to match your local setup (dmenu is installed into the /usr/local namespace by default).

Afterwards enter the following command to build and install dmenu (if necessary as root):

make clean install

Running dmenu

See the man page for details.

Usage: dmenu [OPTION]...

Display newline-separated input stdin as a menubar

-e,  --echo                       display text from stdin with no user
-ec, --echo-centre                same as -e but align text centrally
-er, --echo-right                 same as -e but align text right
-et, --echo-timeout SECS          close the message after SEC seconds
                                  when using -e, -ec, or -er
-b,  --bottom                     dmenu appears at the bottom of the screen
-h,  --height N                   set dmenu to be N pixels high
-i,  --insensitive                dmenu matches menu items case insensitively
-l,  --lines LINES                dmenu lists items vertically, within the
                                  given number of lines
-m,  --monitor MONITOR            dmenu appears on the given Xinerama screen
-p,  --prompt  PROMPT             prompt to be displayed to the left of the
                                  input field
-po, --prompt-only  PROMPT        same as -p but don't wait for stdin
                                  useful for a prompt with no menu
-r,  --return-early               return as soon as a single match is found
-fn, --font-name FONT             font or font set to be used
-nb, --normal-background COLOR    normal background color
                                  #RGB, #RRGGBB, and color names supported
-nf, --normal-foreground COLOR    normal foreground color
-sb, --selected-background COLOR  selected background color
-sf, --selected-foreground COLOR  selected foreground color
-v,  --version                    display version information