A tool for the comparative visualization of geospatial-temporal data.
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Stefan Jaenicke
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Comparative visualization of geospatial-temporal data.

By Stefan Jänicke.


The amount of online data annotated with geospatial and temporal metadata has grown rapidly in the recent years. Providers like Flickr and Twitter are popular, but hard to browse. Many systems exist that, in multiple linked views, show the data under geospatial, temporal, and topical aspects. GeoTemCo is a web-application which easily can be utilized to visualize such kind of data, and furthermore, it allows the comparative analysis of several datasets. GeoTemCo consists of several views showing the datas' several dimensions: a map view for the geospatial distribution of items, a time view for the temporal distribution of items and a detail view for the inspection of individual items. A broad range of interaction abilities allow the explorative comparison and analysis of different datasets representing different topics.

GeoTemCo focuses on supporting the user to:

  • analyze and compare temporal trends
  • analyze and compare geospatial distributions
  • detect cooccurences between data items of different datasets
  • compare geospatial migrations of topics over time
  • find causalities between different datasets


GeoTemCo is a project which is hosted at the University of Leipzig. You can find a tutorial, examples, projects using GeoTemCo, license information and contact details on our homepage: http://www.informatik.uni-leipzig.de/geotemco/

If you are using GeoTemCo within your project, we kindly ask you to send us some details, so that we can keep our Projects page up-to-date.