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PowerShell Core update tool.
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PowerShell Core update tool.


PSCoreUpdate supports automation update of PowerShell Core.

Currently, PowerShell Team is planning on supporting security updates of PowerShell Core through Microsoft Update on Windows (#6118), but it will take some time for realization.
Homebrew Cask is now available on macOS, but the installation of Homebrew is a bit heavy.

This module is a little tool to solve such inconvenience.

How to install

You can install it from PowerShell gallery.

Install-Module PSCoreUpdate -Scope CurrentUser

First-time installation scripts

This module is for updating PowerShell Core.
So, the first-time installation must be performed manually.

We prepared the following page to facilitate the first-time installation.



Check if the current console is the latest version.

PS C:\> Test-LatestVersion
No updates. PowerShell Core 6.1.0 is the latest version.


Update PowerShell Core if the newer version found.

PS C:\> Update-PowerShellCore -Latest

You can do silent install with -Silent switch parameter.

PS C:\> Update-PowerShellCore -Latest -Silent
  • This cmdlet supports only Windows and macOS.
    You can use a package management tool like yum, apt etc. on Linux.

If you want to install the preview release, you can use -IncludePreRelease parameter.

PS C:\> Update-PowerShellCore -Latest -IncludePreRelease


Find PowerShell Core release information from GitHub.

PS C:\> Find-PowerShellCore

Version Name                              Published           PreRelease
------- ----                              ---------           ----------
6.1.0   v6.1.0 Release of PowerShell Core 2018/09/13 21:49:59 False
6.0.4   v6.0.4 Release of PowerShell Core 2018/08/10 22:20:50 False
6.0.3   v6.0.3 Release of PowerShell Core 2018/07/20 17:42:19 False
6.0.2   v6.0.2 release of PowerShell Core 2018/03/15 18:00:46 False
6.0.1   v6.0.1 release of PowerShell Core 2018/01/25 22:14:29 False
6.0.0   v6.0.0 release of PowerShell Core 2018/01/20 0:19:22  False


Download PowerShell Core release assets.

PS C:\> Save-PowerShellCore -Latest -AssetType MSI_WIN32 -OutDirectory .\

The types of assets are as follows.

Value Asset
MSI_WIN32 [PowerShell version]-win-x86.msi
MSI_WIN64 [PowerShell version]-win-x64.msi
PKG_OSX [PowerShell version]-osx-x64.pkg
PKG_OSX1011 [PowerShell version]-osx.10.11-x64.pkg
PKG_OSX1012 [PowerShell version]-osx.10.12-x64.pkg
RPM_RHEL7 [PowerShell version]-rhel.7.x86_64.rpm
DEB_DEBIAN8 [PowerShell version]-debian.8_amd64.deb
DEB_DEBIAN9 [PowerShell version]-debian.9_amd64.deb
DEB_UBUNTU14 [PowerShell version]-ubuntu.14.nn_amd64.deb
DEB_UBUNTU16 [PowerShell version]-ubuntu.16.nn_amd64.deb
DEB_UBUNTU17 [PowerShell version]-ubuntu.17.nn_amd64.deb
DEB_UBUNTU18 [PowerShell version]-ubuntu.17.nn_amd64.deb
APPIMAGE [PowerShell version]-x86_64.AppImage
TAR_LINUXARM32 [PowerShell version]-linux-arm32.tar.gz
TAR_LINUX64 [PowerShell version]-linux-x64.tar.gz
TAR_OSX [PowerShell version]-osx-x64.tar.gz
ZIP_WINARM32 [PowerShell version]
ZIP_WINARM64 [PowerShell version]
ZIP_WIN32 [PowerShell version]
ZIP_WIN64 [PowerShell version]
WIXPDB32 [PowerShell version]-win-x86.wixpdb
WIXPDB64 [PowerShell version]-win-x64.wixpdb
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