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Everything integration for the Windows taskbar.


  • Instant search results using Everything
  • Quick navigation via keyboard shortcuts
  • Light and dark theme (or custom themes)
  • Customizable open with commands
  • Rules for opening files
  • Uses filters defined within Everything





  • Make sure Everything is installed and running
  • Install EverythingToolbar using one of the following methods
  • Enable EverythingToolbar via the context menu of the taskbar
    • Note: You will have to open the context menu twice as it doesn't show up the first time you open it.
  • Adjust size and position after unlocking the taskbar (demonstration video)


  • Open solution in Visual Studio with .NET Framework 4.7 support
  • Disable signing in project properties
  • Build the project (Windows Explorer will restart)
  • Install the toolbar by running EverythingToolbar/tools/install.cmd as admin

Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut Function
/ Navigate search results
Ctrl+/ Navigate search history (if enabled)
Return Open
Ctrl+Return/Click Open path
Shift+Return/Click Open in Everything
Alt+Return/Click File properties
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Run as admin
(Shift+)Tab Cycle through filters
Ctrl+0-9 Select filter
Ctrl+Space Preview file in QuickLook
Win+Alt+S Focus search box (customizable)


Create custom open with commands by selecting Rules... from settings. By checking Automatically apply rules based on condition matching files/folders based on the type and regular expression field will execute the corresponding command when opened.


Name Type Regular Expression Command
Open terminal here... Any cmd /K "cd %path%"
Total Commander (Left) Any totalcmd /O /L=%path%
Total Commander (Right) Any totalcmd /O /R=%path%
MSPaint File .*\\PixelArt\\.*(bmp|BMP) mspaint %file%

Leaving the regular expression field empty will never match.


  • Edit an existing theme/item template or create a new one in the Themes / ItemTemplates folder
  • Restart Windows Explorer via the task manager
  • Select theme/item template from settings


All kinds of contributions (questions, bug reports, pull requests) are welcome! Helping out with open issues is very much appreciated. As a basic rule, before filing issues, feature requests or anything else, take a look at the issues and check if it has already been reported by another user. If so, engage in the already existing discussion.

You can also help by translating EverythingToolbar.