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Nov 30, 2017


Hide default context menu items in Firefox Proton (89+) release versions


To remove entries from the context menu you need to

  1. Find your profile folder (profile names are different for everyone):
    Address bar > Enter about:support > Click Open Folder (second one, not the "Update Folder").

  2. Download this project and unzip it.

  3. Move userChrome.css and simpleMenuWizard into [...]\profile folder\chrome\ directory.
    If chrome folder doesn't exist, create it.
    If userChrome.css already exists, do not overwrite and proceed here.

  4. Open userChrome.css with a texteditor for a general overview and some options.

  5. Open the simpleMenuWizard directory and edit each .css file to customize them to your needs.
    Remove menu item: Remove /* at the beginning of the line.
    Leave menu item: Add /* to the beginning of the line (by default every option is deactivated).

    Each file is for another context:

    • blank-context.css when right-clicking on a blank area or text
    • frame-context.css when right-clicking on an iframe
    • image-context.css when right-clicking on an image
    • input-context.css when right-clicking on an input-field
    • link-context.css when right-clicking on a link
    • main-hamburger.css when left-clicking on the three lines on top right
    • main-menubar.css when left-clicking on the main menubar (open with ALT key - file, edit, view, ...)
    • media-context.css when right-clicking on media like audio or html5 video
    • select-context.css when right-clicking on selected text or object
    • sidebar-context.css when right-clicking on items in bookmark- or history sidebar
    • sidebar-header.css when left-clicking the sidebar dropdown menu
    • source-context.css when right-clicking a blank area on view-source pages
    • tab-context.css when right-clicking on a tab
    • toolbar-context.css when right-clicking on toolbar or tabbar
    • urlbar-context.css when right-clicking on the addressbar
  6. Load about:config into addressbar. Search for toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets and make sure the value is true.

  7. Restart Firefox to make changes work.

Important notes:

  • All options and items are disabled by default, so if you don't edit the files, nothing will happen.
  • If you're running macOS and Firefox 89+, make sure you set widget.macos.native-context-menus to false otherwise it won't work.
  • Items that appear in different contexts with the same ID will disappear in all those contexts when activated only once. This is because many menus internally share the same very big context menu and are separated here for convenience.
    For specific problems please open an issue, there may be workarounds.

Hide Pocket / Sync / Screenshots

If you don't use either of those "internal addons" at all, you can just disable them, which will also remove their context menu entries everywhere.

How to do it: Load about:config into addressbar and set the respective value.

  • Pocket: Search for extensions.pocket.enabled and switch to false.
  • Sync: Search for identity.fxaccounts.enabled and switch to false.
  • Screenshots: Search for extensions.screenshots.disabled and switch to true.

Using simpleMenuWizard together with other custom modifications

Easiest thing to do is renaming the userChrome.css that came with the zip package of simpleMenuWizard. Rename it to simpleMenuWizard.css and put it into chrome directory next to the already existing userChrome.css.

Open the old userChrome.css which is filled with foreign code and add @import url("./simpleMenuWizard.css"); to the very top. That's it!

You can now edit simpleMenuWizard.css for a general overview and some options or continue with step 5.

Uninstall simpleMenuWizard

Delete all the files and folders that came with this project.
So if you don't use other modifications, you can simply delete the whole [...]\profile folder\chrome\ directory.
Restart your browser.


For bugreports and missing items you're welcome to open an issue here or make a pull request.


Tidy up your context menus, be faster, have a cleaner UI!

This project is inspired by BubiBalboa's post on reddit and by an issue in the great CustomCSSforFx project.