Microworld Stonehearth Mod
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Microworld Stonehearth Mod


The Microworld mod provides a simple playground for mod developers to test their changes. It replaces the standard world creation process with one which creates very trivial, very tiny worlds. The mod comes with a few worlds to choose from. "mini_game" mimics the start of a regular game and "harvest_test" which creates two workers, a stockpile, and some harvestable entities.


For more information about Stonehearth, please visit http://stonehearth.net



The mod should be installed in the "microworld" folder of your mods" directory. If you are using Git, you can simply run 'git clone https://github.com/radent/microworld.git' from inside your mods directory.

If you're downloading the zip file, make sure you rename the folder from "microworld-<branch>" to "microworld"!


Running via Command Line

To run Microworld, run stonehearth with the following options:

Stonehearth.exe --game.main_mod=microworld


You may optionally specify the flag:

 --mods.microworld.world=<world> (default:mini_game)


To run one of the different worlds packed with the mod. If you leave off the world parameter, the mini_game world get be loaded.


Running via User Settings

You can also modify the user_settings.json file above the mods directory to set commonly used flags. For example, the following user_settings.json file will run the harvest_test game world every time you run Stonehearth:

    ... additional options ...
    "game" : {
        "main_mod" : "microworld"
    "mods" : {
        "microworld" : {
            "world" : "harvest_test"