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PowerShell module for Zwift hacks. Allows you to automate your Zwifting on Windows for maximum wattage.


Set-ZwiftCourse -course [Watopia|Richmond|London|Default] allows you to override the default Zwift calendar and select the course YOU want. Of course, you may be a little lonely, but sometimes a rider needs to be alone, right?

Install-ZwiftMap automates instalation (and updating) of the ZwiftMap unofficial add-on

Disable-ZwiftStartupMusic and Enable-ZwiftStartupMusic allow you to toggle the startup music on and off

Invoke-Zwift -withmap is a gateway to automatically starting Zwift with all kinds of addons and option toggles

New-ZwiftShortcut -course Richmond -WithMap Ever wanted a windows shortcut that starts your favourite course at the same time as the ZwiftMap add-on, with one click? This cmdlet is for you. Create a shortcut for all three courses, if you like.

There are more cmdlets coming.

Find out more

PS:>Get-Help about_PowerZwift


  • Zwift for Windows, naturally
  • Windows 7 or later
  • Windows PowerShell 5.0 recommended - though most features will work with 4.0
  • A willingness to occasionally type something


Take the PowerZwift subfolder from this repo's Modules folder and copy it (or junction it) to C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\PowerZwift

I recommend the junction point method, as you can just point it to a git clone of this repo to update PowerZwift quickly

junction.exe can be found in the Sysinternals tools suite. To use that method, run

junction.exe C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\PowerZwift <Your Cloned Repo>\Modules\PowerZwift

Getting Started

Fire up the powershell command window

Type Import-Module PowerZwift

Start hacking away!

##Who Why Where

Jason Brown KoS, Zwifter, Knight of Sufferlandria, MTB racer, coach-in-training and Windows automation engineer.

I spend most of my working day in a PowerShell environment. When I get home and want to mess around with Zwift, it makes sense to do it the same way.

Sydney, Australia


This module is not directly affiliated with Zwift Inc. You use it at your own risk. Etc etc.

PRs gratefully accepted


PowerShell module for Zwift hacks




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