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Google Chrome browser extension for searching multiple social networks.
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Storyful Multisearch

A Google Chrome browser extension to help you search multiple social networks quickly and efficiently.


The Storyful maintained version of this extension in the Google Store records usage via Google Analytics and Mixpanel. We only record that the extension was opened and when a search is requested, not the search term or which search services were selected.


You can install the Storyful maintained version of this extension from the Google Store.

Or you can maintain your own version and upload it to the Google Store or load a packed CRX version or the unpacked version into your local Chrome browser using the Extensions page; chrome://extensions


We welcome your improvements. Fork the repo on Github and send a pull request with your changes.

  1. Either supply a Google Analytics key in tracking.js or remove tracking.js requirement browser_action.html.

Features & Issues

  1. You can add new websites to search just by copying one of the existing checkbox inputs and modifying the data-search-url attribute.
  2. A Firefox or Safari version of this extension would be useful.
  3. The data-search-modifier lets you use regex to strip out chars e.g. when converting a search phrase to a tag for Instagram and Tumblr. "america's cup" becomes "americascup".


Contact Paul Watson (CTO @Storyful) with any questions, suggestions or problems.


Storyful Multisearch is released under the MIT License.

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