Berusky 2 developer notes

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There are still some TODO:

  • Keyboard input (movement/rotation) is broken?
  • Flares/transparent objects

Version 0.10

  • Incompatible save game format!
  • Builds/run with fortified sources
  • Fixed crashes at level end (am_Do_Exit_Efects)

Version 0.9

  • game window can be resized on the fly
  • fullscreen/windowed mode switch in menu
  • fixed some texts in menu
  • set game fps (60 fps by default)
  • level load/save support
  • fullscreen runs in native desktop resolution
  • fixed menu in fullscreen and cursor rendering
  • fixed more crashes

Version 0.8

  • fixed crash at level end (rhbz#858887)

Version 0.7

  • sound and music

Version 0.6

  • Music - works
  • Sound - builds with openal, samples seems to load but sound is not audible.

Version 0.5

  • Fixed 64bit builds, game dir configuration (via configure script).

Version 0.3/0.4

Fixed and adjusted Berusky2 version has been released. Contains:

  • fixed game menu
  • player profiles
  • more than forty game levels
  • game tutorial and training levels

The game is still missing sound/music code and a reasonable ending (the open source version has limited number of game episodes).

Version 0.3

Good news everyone, the 0.3 version is playable through game menu. No need to fiddle with level names and so, just run the binary. I also released new levels/tutorials in berusky2-data pack. Rpm packages will follow soon.

Version 0.2

I managed to switch data files to English and fix system font rendering. Menus, help and settings are rendered now so you can read game rules :)

First Berusky 2 Linux release

Is here!

Recent Berusky 2 State

Right now Berusky 2 builds on linux. There's a bug in render-list composition so not all items are rendered and some are missing. But the game is generally playable :) I'd like to fix the render-lists and then update the README file with build/run instructions.

One big task are menus, I have to convert them from DirectX to OpenGl so don't expect it soon.