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Strapi Starter Vue Blog

Vue starter for creating a blog with Strapi.

This starter allows you to try Strapi with Vue with the example of a simple blog. It is fully customizable and due to the fact that it is open source, fully open to contributions. Do not hesitate to add new features etc ...

You may want to know how to develop such a starter by your own! This starter is actually the result of this tutorial

screenshot image


  • 2 Content types: Article, Category
  • Permissions set to true for article and category
  • 2 Created articles
  • 3 Created categories
  • Apollo integration (GraphQL) for fetching data from strapi
  • Responsive design using UIkit


  • "/" display every articles
  • "/article/:id" display one article
  • "/category/:id" display articles depending on the category

Getting started

Clone the repository and install dependencies

git clone
cd strapi-starter-vue-blog

# Using yarn
yarn setup:yarn

# Using npm
npm run setup:npm

Scaffold your project

This command will launch both of your backend and frontend server and do a data migration in your backend server

# Using yarn
yarn build:yarn
yarn develop:yarn

# Using npm
npm run build:npm
npm run develop:npm

Alternatively, you can still start your servers separately:

Start the backend server

cd backend

# Using yarn
yarn build
yarn develop

# Using npm
npm run build
npm run develop

Start the frontend server

cd frontend

# Using yarn
yarn develop

# Using npm
npm run develop

Vue server is running here => http://localhost:8080 Strapi server is running here => http://localhost:1337

Enjoy this starter

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