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Cirrus Smart Contracts

This repository contains Smart Contracts developed in C# to be executed on the Stratis Platform. Smart Contracts available for both CirrusMain and CirrusTest are located within this repository and can be deployed either network following the associated documentation.

Newly developed Smart Contracts in C# can also be found here undergoing a review process by a wider audience prior to the acceptance of a contract that is achieved by a successful vote performed by the current federated members of the Cirrus Sidechain(s)

Submission Process

Submit a pull request to this repository containing the solution with the contract you want to whitelist. The pull request name should be prefixed with the network and should adhere to the below template:

* Description of what the contract does.

Compiler version
* Smart Contract Tool commit hash.

* Keccak256 hash of the compiled contract's bytecode. Can also be generated using the Smart Contract Tool.

* Compiled contract's bytecode, generated by Smart Contract Tool using the command `validate PATH -sb`.

The pull request will then subsequently receive comments from a wider audience validating the contract. The pull request will then be merged to the repository once it has received an approval from the Sidechain Masternodes.

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