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@dev0tion dev0tion released this Jun 9, 2017 · 24 commits to master since this release

This release addresses a few syncing issues our users have been experiencing.
Due to a large influx of new wallets our seednodes were insufficient and we had to set up new ones to solve the problem.

There are two main issues people have been experiencing and here's how to solve both of them:

  1. No connections to the network.
    The solution to this is as easy as updating to the latest wallet version (v2.0.0.3).

  2. Wallet shows it's synced, but you're not receiving transactions.
    This is because our main seednode experienced an unintentional DDoS because of the large influx of new wallets causing it to halt. Due to how it was configured a lot of people had that node as their only connection and are now on a wrong chain.

Please follow these steps carefully to fix the issue:

  • Close your wallet
  • Update to v2.0.0.3 of our wallet
  • For Windows: navigate to %appdata%/Stratis using the address bar in Windows Explorer
  • For OS X: navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Stratis using Finder (Go menu -> Go to Folder)
  • In that folder DO NOT remove the wallet.dat file (you should have this file backed up anyway), as that contains all your funds
  • Remove all the other files in the folder (again, NOT wallet.dat)
  • Start your wallet and you should be good to go
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