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update front page to include stuff about IP addresses

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@@ -104,7 +104,22 @@ def get (self):
-<p style="font-style:italic;">Decoding is the same but just make sure you go to <code>/woe/decode</code>.</p>
+<a name="ip"></a>
+<p>It is also possible encode <a href="">IP addresses</a>. Here is (more or less) the same corner, at the same time, in IP <q>space</q>:</p>
+<div class="request">
+<p>GET <a href=""></a></p>
+&lt;rsp stat="ok"&gt;
+ &lt;spacetime ip="" id="2372987648121137443" timestamp="1268809061"/&gt;
+<p style="font-size:small;font-style:italic;">Decoding WOE IDs and IP adddresses the same as decoding coordinates but just make sure you go to the correct endpoint: <code>/woe/decode</code> and <code>/ip/decode</code> respectively.</p>
<a name="details"></a>

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