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Tile Map Creator

An extremely portable browser-based tile-map creator tool built inside one html file. Create tile maps of different sizes and colors and easily export to SVG format.

How to Use

Use this tool online here or download creator.html and open it in any browser anywhere! See Documentation section below for controls.

Live Demo

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Click with the mouse inside the grid to place a tile. To remove a cell, toggle on Erase and click a cell. If you make a mistake, click the Undo button to revert a change. Change tile color by using the color picker (the colored square under the words "current tile") or click the hex button to enter a hex color. Click a recent tile to quickly change back to a previous color. Change the size of the grid with the dimension and size controls. When your drawing is complete, click Export to copy your tile map to the clipboard as SVG; SVG is a format that can be rendered clearly at any size. Read this article for more info about SVG:


This app is written in Vanilla JavaScript with a Redux state model in-mind. A global state object defines the state of the app at any time. A deep copy of this state object is created when a change is made. Sometimes the old state object is pushed to an undo array allowing a user to return to a previous state. All UI is re-rendered after each change according to the updated state object.


Super portable tile-map creator app in a single html file






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