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Awesome WM widgets

Set of super simple widgets compatible with Awesome Window Manager v.4+.


or with separators


Some more screenshots in this reddit post

From left to right:

Some of these widgets use Arc icon theme by default but it could be easily changed to any other icon theme or custom icons. If you want to have separators between widgets like on the screenshot create text widget with : and place it between widgets:

sprtr = wibox.widget.textbox()
sprtr:set_text(" : ")


Clone the repo under ~/.config/awesome/, then in rc.lua add the import of the widget you'd like to use in "require" section on the top of the file:

local battery_widget = require("awesome-wm-widgets.battery-widget.battery")

and then add widget to the wibox (you can search for mytextclock and add widget before):

 -- Add widgets to the wibox
     s.mywibox:setup {
         layout = wibox.layout.align.horizontal,
         { -- Left widgets
         s.mytasklist, -- Middle widget
         { -- Right widgets

You will also need to install Arc icon theme if widget uses icons. By default it should be installed under /usr/share/icons/Arc. If you prefer different installation folder then you'll have to change path to the icons in the source code of the widget you want to use.


If you don't want to install Arc icon theme you can just download the icons which are used from the Arc repository. Or create your own icons with the same name.

In case of any questions/suggestions don't hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to help :)

PRs/issues and st★rs are welcome!