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This is a website that utilizes Python classes to dynamically populate pages with movie content, including title, poster art and a trailer link


  • Content - Page presents all required content (movie title, poster art, and trailer link)
  • Python Data Structure - Page is dynamically generated from a Python data structure
  • Errors - Page is free of errors, glitches, and bugs

##Code Review

###Use of Variables:

  • Code uses variables to avoid magic numbers
  • Each variable name reflects the purpose of the value stored in it
  • Once initiated, the purpose of each variable is maintained throughout the program
  • No variables override Python built-in values (for example, def)

###Use of Functions:

  • Functions are used as tools to automate tasks which are likely to be repeated
  • Functions produce the appropriate output (typically with a return statement) from the appropriate input (function parameters)
  • No functions are longer than 18 lines of code (does not include blank lines, comments, or function and variable definitions)

###Appropriate Use of Data

  • The appropriate data types are used consistently (strings for text, lists for ordered data, nested lists as appropriate)

###Appropriate Use of Coding Techniques

  • Student demonstrates coding techniques like branching and loops appropriately (i.e. to loop through a list, for element in list:; or to test whether something is in a list, if name in list_names:)

###Appropriate Use of Classes

  • Code defines classes properly and uses instances of those classes in the code

###Comments / Documentation

  • Each function includes a comment which explains the intended behavior, inputs, and outputs (if applicable)


Movie Trailer Website for Udacity Intro to Programming Nanodegree



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