Convention-based bootstrapper for LoopBack applications
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LoopBack Boot

A convention-based bootstrapper for LoopBack applications.

For full documentation, see the official StrongLoop documentation: Defining boot scripts and Creating a LoopBack application.


The loopback-boot module initializes (bootstraps) a LoopBack application. Specifically, it:

  • Configures data-sources.
  • Defines custom models
  • Configures models and attaches models to data-sources.
  • Configures application settings
  • Runs additional boot scripts, so you can put custom setup code in multiple small files instead of in the main application file.

For more information, see Defining boot scripts.

Version notes

The version range 1.x is backwards compatible with app.boot provided by LoopBack 1.x versions and the project layout scaffolded by slc lb project up to slc version 2.5.

The version range 2.x supports the new project layout as scaffolded by yo loopback.

This document describes the configuration conventions of the 2.x versions.


npm install loopback-boot


var loopback = require('loopback');
var boot = require('loopback-boot');

var app = loopback();
boot(app, __dirname);


See API docs for complete API reference.


This module is provided under dual MIT/StrongLoop license. See LICENSE for details.