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2020 Goals and Focus

Goal#1 - Enable as many LoopBack 3 users to migrate to LoopBack 4 as possible

With LoopBack 3 going end-of-life at the end of 2020, we are continuing to focus on the following areas:

  • finish the migration guide to help LB3 users to migrate their applications to LB4
  • offer some level of tooling support to make the migration easier
  • fill in feature parity gaps by either implementing the features in LB4 or recommending a solution using existing libraries
  • Integrate LoopBack 4 into IBM API Connect

Goal#2 - Keep adopting latest technologies to stay relevant

While enhancing our core code base, we'd like to continue to explore the possibility of using and/or integrating latest technologies with LoopBack 4.

Some of the areas we'd like to explore, but not limited to:

  • messaging and pub/sub event style, e.g. Kafka, MQTT
  • cloud native integration
  • native support on GraphQL
  • modernize the connector infrastructure and code base

Goal#3: Nurture our community and encourage more contributions

Community contributions are vital to us. It not only accelerates our development, but also helps building deep LoopBack knowledge in the community.

We would like to encourage community contributions by make available to the community a list of GH issues that we want to finish in a short term by using the help wanted and 2020Qx labels.

Q1 2020 Roadmap


  • Migration: it will continue to be our focus, including filling up the details to the migration guide and adding tooling to make migration easier.
  • Tackle issues labelled as bug or developer experience
  • Issue cleanup: take some time to triage open issues and possibly some smaller enhancements that we never get the time to do.




API Connect / LoopBack 4 Integration

Create models & REST APIs dynamically at runtime

  • Dynamic binding/rebinding of controllers after app start #433
  • How to build models, repositories and controllers dynamically at runtime #4296
  • Docs for exposing REST API of a Model with no custom classes #2740 (stretch goal)

Open Issues with bug or developer experience labels

  • Would like to put more time in tackling those. Will plan it as part of the monthly milestone planning.

Stretch Goals

From model definition to REST API with no custom repository/controller classes

  • Add CrudRestApiBuilder to @loopback/rest-crud #3737
  • Example app showing CrudRestApiBuilder #3738

Robust handling of ObjectID type for MongoDB

Shopping example app

  • clean up authentication and authorization

Q4 2019 Roadmap


In Q4 2019, here are the stories we would like to focus on:

  • wrap up on authentication and authorization stories
  • continue with Inclusion of Related Models epic
  • add more support for declarative support - From model definition to REST API with no custom repository/controller classes
  • revisit the migration story targeting to have a migration guide




Inclusion of related models

Finish the MVP scope as tracked by Epic

See the post-MVP Epic for the list of stories out of scope of the initial release:

From model definition to REST API with no custom repository/controller classes

The Epic:

Stretch goals:

Migration guide

The Epic:

ObjectID Coercion

The Epic:

Production deployment/logging/monitoring,

Test/Enable Node.js 12 support for connectors -

  • loopback-connector-kv-redis
  • loopback-connector-grpc

Preparation of CASCON workshop and poster


Stretch Goals

Q3 Roadmap


In Q3, there are a few groups of tasks we'd like to work on:

  • Continue with the stories from Q2: Authentication, Authorization, Inclusion of Related models
  • Feature parity gap: Declarative support
  • Internal tooling/infrastructure: support Node.js 12 in juggler & connectors, reduce build time, etc.
  • Juggler-next: some groundwork to prepare us to work on juggler-next, e.g. spike on how the code resides affect our build process




Inclusion of Related Models

  • awaiting to @bajtos' spike to create the tasks

From model definition to REST API with no custom repository/controller classes (Declarative Support)

CI cleanup

Support of Node.js 12

Internal tooling - to address build time

Documentation improvement


Bug fixes / Developer Experience Improvements

Juggler next

  • Improve current juggler v4 to allow connectors to implement DAO/KVAO methods as async functions returning a promise (not accepting a callback).
  • Rework loopback-connector from ES5 codebase to ES2017 (class keyword, async functions). This is a breaking change for connectors consuming this module, but should be done in backwards-compatible way from the point of view of LB4 applications.
  • Upgrade most (if not all) of our connectors to use the new major version of loopback-connector, leverage class inheritance and async functions.

Stretch Goals

Juggler next

  • Convert base repo (e.g. loopback-connector) and more popular connectors to TypeScript and to use async/await

Feature parity

  • Operation hooks. Spike
  • REST layer improvement
    • controller cannot control the header and content type. use case: file download.
  • Validation
    • Advanced validation - e.g. email validation - not supported in json schema.  AJV allows to support certain keywords. Spike.
    • AJV only validating in request body but not validating parameters, queries
    • validation in juggler

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