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LoopBack makes it easy to build modern applications that require complex integrations.

  • Fast, small, powerful, extensible core
  • Generate real APIs with a single command
  • Define your data and endpoints with OpenAPI
  • No maintenance of generated code

Status: General Availability

LoopBack 4 GA (General Availability) has been released in October 2018, read more in the announcement post.

The documentation website is

Learn about the latest and greatest features and technologies in LoopBack 4 by using it for your next project. Start by having a look at Getting Started.

Check the API documentation for all the API usages in each package.

Long Term Support

We don't provide any LTS version for LoopBack 4 yet. Please join the discussion in loopback-next#4398 if you are interested in a version that's less frequently changed.

Version Status Published EOL
LoopBack 4 Current Oct 2018 Apr 2026 (minimum)
LoopBack 3 End-of-Life Dec 2016 Dec 2020
LoopBack 2 End-of-Life Jul 2014 Apr 2019

Please refer to our Long Term Support Policy for more details.


Make sure you have the following installed:

Package Version/-s Link Note
Node.js Maintenance LTS (v16)
Active LTS (v18)
Current (v20) The use of the current version for production is not recommended.

You can generate a project with our generator or with the CLI as follows:

npm create loopback
npx -p @loopback/cli lb app

To create your first LoopBack 4 application, see Getting Started.



See the following resources to get you started:

You can join the team by posting a comment to issue #110.


If you think you have discovered a new security issue with any LoopBack package, please do not report it on GitHub. Instead, send an email to with a full description and steps to reproduce.

See for more details.


Project Architect

Raymond Feng

Technical Steering Committee

Raymond Feng Diana Lau Mario Estrada Rifa Achrinza Francisco Buceta
raymondfeng dhmlau marioestradarosa achrinza frbuceta

Other Project Maintainers

Nora Abdelgadir Matthew Schnee Hage Yaapa
nabdelgadir mschnee hacksparrow
Agnes Lin Madaky Hugo Da Roit
agnes512 madaky yaty
Nico Flaig Denny Bartelt Douglas McConnachie
nflaig derdeka dougal83
Samarpan Bhattacharya Muhammad Aaqil
samarpanB aaqilniz

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